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Arte Veneziana is a company specialised in artistic mirrors and luxury furniture whose main protagonist is glass. For almost 50 years we have been committed to the protection of high artistic craftsmanship enhanced by the constant study of trends that make Arte Veneziana a flagship in the luxury furniture completely custom made field. Unique pieces that become works of art.

When art becomes the highest aesthetic expression. The artistic and creative language that emotionally touches and sometimes shocks the observer. That kind of feeling necessary to boost everyone's soul and fill it with beauty. Thanks to this motto Arte Veneziana creates new concepts focused on art and the breathtaking city of Venice.

A range of prestigious and unique products that drive the attention to the excellence of details and customised piece of furniture. The company aims to reach the art field with its exclusive design for the years to come. As much as the precious and inimitable masterpieces preserved in the most famous museums of the world.

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Wardrobe Visir Venetian
Venetian style mirror Iustitia Venetian
Credenza Salvador Venetian
Wall covering Cadre Venetian
Chandelier Barchetta Venetian
Make-up desk Gustave French
Venetian style mirror Morosini Venetian
Table Cupido Venetian
Chandelier Pupparin Venetian
Wall covering Botte French
Nightstand Boldo Venetian
Sideboard Shirin Venetian
Cabinet Marco Polo Contemporary
Chandelier Galea Venetian
Table Zeus French
Wall covering Deep Blue Contemporary
Table Cigno French
Sideboard Serp French
Cabinet Lotus Contemporary
Cabinet Bastille Déco
Credenza Louvre Déco
Console Mezzaluna Déco
Console Griffon Déco
Credenza Orbital Déco
Buffet Concordia Contemporary
French style mirror Donato French
Side table Malcanton Venetian
French style mirror Jeanne French
French style mirror Trocadero French
French style mirror Tuileries French
Déco style mirror Greca Déco
Déco style mirror Sole Déco
There is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain.
Georges Braque

Dreamy furniture

Our masterpieces

The best of the best

Some things are born to become immortals. This is the case of our best of furniture and mirrors. The same mirrors that requires endless days of hard work. A selection of Arte Veneziana products that best represent the company in terms of quality, opulence and elegance.

Are you a designer? Is something swirling around in your mind? We can help you realising your concepts by creating the perfect tailor-made solution you are dreaming of

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