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Like a proper ritual, the handblown glass technique and chandelier manufacture are that kind of magic handmade process that might be eternally repeated by giving a different a innovative result every time.

With an Arte Veneziana chandelier you can feel like a rich Venetian during the Serenissima era. The result is a room filled with beauty, opulence and bespoke work of art made just for you.

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Glass and fire

Gestures that are unchanged although time changes.

Blowing and shaping glass need patience and passion. The secret ingredients which create inimitable pieces, with a unique shape and an incomparable value.

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Chandelier Barchetta Venetian
Chandelier Pupparin Venetian
Chandelier Pastorale Venetian
Chandelier Gondolino Venetian
Chandelier Mascareta Venetian
Chandelier Regata Venetian
Chandelier Galeone Venetian
Chandelier Galea Venetian
Chandelier Burchio Venetian
Chandelier Dominique Déco
Chandelier Levy Déco
Chandelier Moyen Déco
Chandelier Lumière Déco
Chandelier Onyx Contemporary
Chandelier Horn Contemporary
Wall lamp Galeazzo Contemporary
Chandelier Sforza Contemporary
Chandelier Filarete Contemporary
Chandelier Averlino Contemporary
Chandelier Serenissima Contemporary

Engraving tradition

Venetian decor on glass

The artistic way of engraving

The Venetians want to compete with Bohemian masters to discover their secrets about the grinding of a glass surface. If the experiments on the technical side failed can't be said from the artistic one. There is an ancient tradition of glass engraving in Venice starting from the 18th century. The technique consists in grinding a glass surface with special tiny wheels to obtain a precise decorative motif.

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