Inspired by the blue shades of the french Seine

Canaletto Family Line

The main character is blue

The family line Canaletto reminds of a romantic trip along the Seine. The most iconic element of this line of mirrors is blue like the shades of a famous river or a signature sky. And that's why Arte Veneziana decided to name one of its mirror line Canaletto. This name that means small river in Italian, fits perfectly for those blue and silvered family of mirrors.

A certain blue enters your soul
Henry Matisse

Mythological characters


Bacco mirror, from the Louis XIV Collection, shows one of the most figurative handmade decor of Arte Veneziana.

All you need to know

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Structure made of wood with fir finishing.

Handmade mirror with antiqued finishing.


Handmade etching of floral motifs and the depiction of the mythological character of Bacchus, the ancient divinity of wine, harvest and, generally speaking, the pleasure of life.

Hand blown crystal colored Murano Glass decorations.


Size: W. 145 cm, H. 220 cm

Size: W. 57", H. 86" 5/8

Code: MFX-AVA-005-M80

Custom to specification

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