Sinuous lines and spheres

Accademia Family Line

Like a beautiful collection of art

The family line Accademia reminds of a collection of different important artistic mirrors. The most iconic element of this mirror collection is made by a huge variety of golden and pink shades and beautiful spheres etchings that reminds a pearl necklace.

French style golden mirror with crest


Misericordia, from the Louis XIV Collection, is one of the golden mirror of Arte Veneziana.

All you need to know

Misericordia | More info


Structure made of solid fir with antiqued finishing.

Handmade mirror with antiqued finishing.


Handmade etching of floral motifs and shiny spheres.

Hand bevelled mirrors on the crest, edges and corners.


Size: W. 100 cm, H. 150 cm

Size: W. 39" 3/8, H. 59"

Code: MFX-AVA-005-M170

Custom to specification

Smooth and shiny edges

Artistic beveling

Sharpening silhouettes

Our glass masters use different wheels to chamfer and get the glass pieces shiny that will be used on the mirrors and furniture afterwards.

This is a fundamental step of our production: no machines can replace the manual work on this extremely delicate matter. The beveling can be realized thanks to a long and accurate handmade procedure only.

An ancient engraving manufacturing process which still remains entirely handmade as per Venetian traditions.

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