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Manufacture glass mirrors in Venice date back to the beginning of the Fourteenth century. The patterns on the mirrors, obtained by means of its grinding wheel engraving, feature floral designs or mythological or bucolic figurative scenes. They always have a wooden backboard. After a long study Arte Veneziana created two kinds of Venetian mirror: mirrors with leaves and flowers, drilled mirrors and wood inlay mirrors.

The famous mirrors with leaves and flowers. The engraved mirror is bordered by leaves, flowers, reeds and decorative elements made of glass. All the decorative elements are fixed to the structure by means of special nails whose head is covered by a small vitreous boss. In the most recent models, the fixing of these elements is carried out by making use of screws. The presence of such decorative elements derives from the fact that mirrors and glass manufacturers were in direct contact. Thanks to proximity, there has been a contamination of styles that led to the birth of a characteristic style.

The drilled mirrors. The decorative part of these mirrors is relied to “drilled” elements made of small hand-bevelled mirror pieces. In the past, for the most demanding customers, the drilled mirror was further decorated with enamel, tortoiseshell, nacre or semi-precious stones inserts. Each piece of mirror is fixed through small bosses whose head is visible: in this case, mirrors are previously drilled.

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What have in common a dame of the Serenissima Venetian Republic or a unique gondola tour along the Canal Grande? Venice, of course. While relaxing in your luxury home or staying in the best five star hotels you may find yourself captured by the richness of a Venetian mirror that well blends with an eclectic style in addition to the usual classics.

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Mirror Iustitia Venetian
Mirror Redentore Venetian
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Mirror Mocenigo Venetian
Mirror Cornèr Venetian
Mirror Erbarìa Venetian
Mirror Armeria Venetian
Mirror Lilium Venetian
Mirror Dandolo Venetian
Mirror Giustinia Venetian
Mirror Venissa Venetian
Mirror Oto Venetian
Mirror Mirandolina Venetian
Mirror Colombina Venetian
Mirror Rosaura Venetian
Mirror Palanca Venetian
Mirror Brighella Venetian
Mirror Dogaressa Venetian
Mirror Zirada Venetian
Mirror Arsenale Venetian
Mirror Querini Venetian
It's the city of mirrors, the city of mirages, at once solid and liquid, at once air and stone
Erica Jong

Engraving tradition

Venetian decor on glass

The artistic way of engraving

The Venetians want to compete with Bohemian masters to discover their secrets about the grinding of a glass surface. If the experiments on the technical side failed can't be said from the artistic one. There is an ancient tradition of glass engraving in Venice starting from the 18th century. The technique consists in grinding a glass surface with special tiny wheels to obtain a precise decorative motif.

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