The astonishing bridge

Rialto Family Line

Rialto in the heart of Venice reminds us to the sinuous curves of its bridge

The family line Rialto takes its name by the famous ancient area of Venice. In this well known place people used to meet because of the most famous market of the Serenissima placed next to one of the four main bridges of the Grand Canal: the Rialto Bridge. And the gentle curves of the iconic Rialto Bridge inspired Arte Veneziana to name one of its mirror family line Rialto. This group is marked of a typical squared shape enriched with a signature crest on the top.

A realist, in Venice, would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him
Arthur Symons

Beyond Classic


The most important value

The Iustitia mirror from the Venetia Collection is one of the symbols of Arte Veneziana.

This kind of mirror was born in Murano and uses the engraving technique together with the lightness of the crystal roses decoration. Originally the nobles preferred to affix the coat of arms to the crest to symbolize the power of the family.

The name Iustitia derives from the incision on the upper part of the mirror, the crest, which depicts the mythological figure of Iustitia holding a scale in one hand and the sword in the other.

All you need to know

Iustitia | More info

Signature mirror with engraved Iustitia


Structure made of solid fir with antiqued finishing.

Handmade mirror with heavy antiqued finishing.


Handmade etching of floral motifs and the depiction of the mythological character of Justice.

Hand blown crystal colored Murano Glass decorations.


Size: W. 177 cm, H. 255 cm

Size: W. 69" 5/8, H. 100" 3/8

Code: MVX-AVA-001-014

Custom to specification

Behind the scenes

Matteo while drawing

The making of

Once the mirror is chosen, one of our artists takes care of drawing it down to the smallest detail making the customizations requested by the client. Every single drawing is unique and made to measure for the customer needs in order to better satisfy everyone.

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