Flower and leaves

Santa Margherita Family line

Santa Margherita reminds nature in blossom

The Santa Margherita family line takes its name by huge square named Campo Santa Margherita in Venice. The peculiarities of this Arte Veneziana mirrors family line is the flowers and leaves applications that reminds the name of the line itself.

Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow
John Lennon

All you need to know



Structure made of wood with walnut finishing.

Handmade clear mirror.

Two lights made of Murano glass. Lampshades made of pleated cotton.


Handmade etching of floral motifs and the depiction of a Venetian gentleman.

Hand blown crystal Murano Glass curls and flowers made of gold and cipria color.


Size: W. 50 cm, H. 90 cm

Size: W. 19" 5/8, H. 35" 1/2

Code: MVX-AVA-001-3001

Custom to specification

I need a Oto mirror

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