The symbol of Venice

San Marco Family Line

Three Dimensional opulent mirrors

The San Marco family line takes its name by the most famous church and square of Venice. San Marco is also the protector of the city. This place was the symbol of both the religious and political life at the age of La Serenissima. The importance of the name of this place inspired Arte Veneziana to chose it for one of its lines of squared and three dimensional shaped mirror.

I always wanted to go to Venice. It’s supposed to be the romance capital of the world
Gordon Korman

All you need to know



Structure made of wood with walnut finishing.

Handmade clear mirror.


Handmade etching of floral motifs.

Hand blown crystal colored Murano Glass decorations.


Size: W. 70 cm, H. 85 cm

Size: W. 27" 1/2, H. 33" 1/2

Code: MVX-AVA-001-3012

Custom to specification

I need a Querini mirror

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