Gli artigiani e gli incisori

Gli incisori, i falegnami e i verniciatori di Arte Veneziana

A team of artisans and passionated people

Il vero cuore pulsante di Arte Veneziana sono gli artigiani. La nostra azienda negli anni divenuta conosciuta in tutto il mondo per l'eccellenza artistica e par l'alta qualità artigianale che la contraddistingue.

I nostri maestri artigiani si sono formati nelle scuole d'arte e nei famosi atelier vetrai di Murano. Nella nostra azienda infatti, artigiani qualificati creano a mano specchi in stile déco, francese, veneziano o contemporaneo, o mobili e lampadari veneziani e moderni.

Il risultato? Dei pezzi d'arredo unici e customizzati seguendo i gusti di ciascun cliente all'insegna della bellezza e della qualità.

Company values

Come lavoriamo

Manifattura artigianale e precisione

In pochi sanno o riescono a immaginare quanto lavoro e passione siano richiesti per creare un oggetto fatto a mano. Ci vogliono pazienza, accuratezza, osservazione, studio, errori e tempo: in due parole impegno e dedizione.

Tutti questi elementi contribuiscono a costituire il valore di un prodotto fatto a mano e questo è il vero valore aggiunto di un oggetto o mobile fatto a mano rispetto a uno che ha subito una lavorazione industriale.

La nostra manifattura

Chi siamo

Un viaggio all'interno dei nostri uffici e della nostra produzione

In Arte Veneziana specchi, arredi e pezzi in legno sono sempre stati prodotti rivestendoli di vetro sapientemente lavorato.

Il vetro è tagliato, molato e inciso a mano da artigiani che lavorano interamente a mano o con l'aiuto di piccoli attrezzi,

The glass is cut, beveled and engraved manually by artisans, performing every work by hand with the aid of small tools,

grindstones and diamond tipped engravers, perfectly in line with our Venetian tradition.

The high level of craftsmanship makes possible to customize every single element and realize it according to the customer’s taste and needs just like a tailored suit, with a decorative style made of transparency, lights and reflections defined by a deep elegance.

Carpentry department


Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice

The carpentry division produces all the main structures of Arte Veneziana products. These could be a single free-standing interior design piece or an architectural element of the house - like doors, screens, kitchens, walk-in closets, wall coverings and more.

A wide range of wood, starting from the most popular up to the very refined ones, is always available to answers any clients requests in terms of requirements and finishings.

Woodworkers use computer numerical control machines for cutting the main structure, but the heart of this department is the huge amount of manual work for smoothing and finishing up any pieces of curved and decorated wood.

Carpentry department


Varnishing, lacquering and more...

Our furniture and mirrors are carefully finished by using different techniques and materials like silver and gold leafed coverings or several lacquered touches and coatings.

Besides the work of creating, our carpenters are called to travel worldwide on demand, to supervise the right assembly of the manufacture on site and to make sure that the high craft quality of all mirrors and furniture will be respected.

Glassmaker department

Glass cutting

When millimeters count

The rough glass cutting is performed by the computer numerical control machine according to the drawing realized by our technical department.

The cut glass is adjusted by hand to the wooden structure of each single item. When it comes to curved surfaces, our glassmakers double check every edge carefully.

Thanks to numerical control machines, our technicians also perform the edge polishing and the beveling on whatever glasses which have linear or regular shape.

Glassmaker department

Artistic bevelling

Sharpening silhouettes

Our glass masters use different wheels to chamfer and to get shiny glass pieces that will be used on the mirrors and furniture afterwards.

This is a fundamental step of our production: no machines can replace the manual work on this extremely delicate matter. The bevelling can be realized thanks to a long and accurate handmade procedure only.

An ancient manufacturing process which still remains entirely handmade as per Venetian traditions.

Glassmaker department

Glass engraving

Call it magic

"Engraving the glass is that kind of process which requires great mastery and creativity in the drawing, also ability in performing the engraving by choosing the appropriate grinding wheel."

There are many things that a good engraver should take care of at the same time. It is very important to acknowledge which grinding wheel is suitable for the level of detail that has to be achieved.

A good engraver must control the hands on the spinning wheel in order to follow, with the right accuracy and pressure, what the mind wish.

So mind and hands have to be perfectly tuned.

An innate artistic attitude and the passion for working with hands are the real added values that identify a good master engraver.

Glassmaker department


Reflecting surfaces

The silvering process is an entirely handmade and very important step of our production. The final mirrored effect can be defined according to clients wishes.

We are able to perform different kinds of antiqued silvered finishings and polychromed finishings with an anti-corrosion copper plating.

Glassmaker department


Shining bright

After being silvered, all glasses are cleaned and checked carefully one by one in order to avoid any defects. This step of handmade production is a warranty of excellence.

Glassmaker department


Make it real

Our team performs the assembly of every shape of mirrors and furniture by choosing the best pieces of hand silvered glass.

Afterwards, they decorate them with curls, twisted ropes, leaves and flowers exclusively realized by our master glassmakers.

Shipping department

Quality control

Nothing but perfection

Finally the quality control team makes sure that everything answers to customers requests, both from a technical and a decorative point of view.

Post-sales feedback are very important to us. We are keen on providing the best custom-service, making sure that clients are happy.

Packing department


​The shell of an oyster only hides the pearl inside

All items are packed in custom wooden crates. On the inside, our design pieces are protected by bubble wrap, pressed recycled paper and polystyrene.

The crates are thoroughly prepared for each kind of transportation: air, sea and truck transport.

On request, we arrange the shipment on behalf of the customer.

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