Otello Peruzzo

  • Otello Peruzzo

Otello Peruzzo was born in Padua in 1953.

He grew up, artistically and professionally, in master Albino Baldissara's workshop in Treviso in the late '60s.

He stands out both for his sensitivity and artistic talent — together with his innate skill on freehand drawing - and his aptitude for learning techniques and methods of manual working.

Once he improved his skills at the engravers school "Abate Zanetti" in Murano, in the mid 80s he obtained the "Certificate of master engraver" issued by the Chamber of Labour of Treviso.

In the '90s he began cooperating with Arte Veneziana, not only on the practical field of creation of items but also on the didactic field.

Otello showed to be an artist capable of transferring his skills in a precise and generous way through the new engravers' generation that, thanks to the company's development, started flourishing in Arte Veneziana.

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