Discovering églomisé


Already known by the artisans of ancient Egypt. An art that has evolved over time and was brought back to the top by Jean-Baptiste Glomy at the end of the eighteenth century: is the églomisé, a special technique of glass decoration which includes the drawing engraved on gold leaf.And it is precisely this technique to be arise, on the twenty-first century, by Arte Veneziana. A technique revisited and applied to pieces of mirrored furniture.The artist, with polychrome colours and brush, paints on glass the subject required, and later covers the drawing with a gold-colored background that emphasize the lines previously drawn.Arte Veneziana invites all customers to discover this technique by watching the video "églomisé" shot directly in the workshop.Arte Veneziana uses his creativity to answer to the personal taste of the client and to manage the room or structure that is intended to furnish with “contract” solution. The service given by Arte Veneziana is from design to the entire production, and it offers standard items as well as “custom furniture”, perfect for each property.

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