Collection LAGUNE


“I imagined – gazing at a mirror without succumbing to the reflected image - to be recovering the transparency of the glass where I was looking, keeping the fascination of the reflection around the profile… This is how the decoration theme that we have experimented in these furnishing objects was created.” “When I was sizing them and composing them I referred to the experience of the masters from the Parisian shops in the twenties like Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Jean-Michel Frank, Jacques Adnet and the Italian masters of the twentieth century like Carlo Scarpa, resuming the obsessive care of sizing the elements without wanting to end the compositions a whole at any cost. I like it when the craftsman approaches the borders of art without expecting to cross them”.

These are the words that the architect Giovanni Luca Ferreri uses to describe Lagune, a collection designed for Arte Veneziana. Every piece of the Laguna collection is unrepeatable: like in an Action Painting work of art, every element that is part of the furnishing has a texture that is admired in all the vitality of its matter, thanks to the glass protecting it. More than objects of design, these pieces of architecture, with the right and elegant balance between design and structure that becomes a decorative motif conferring a typically Venetian opulence to the pieces of furniture even if with an amazingly modern taste.

Più che oggetti di design, questi pezzi sono architetture, con il gusto e elegante equilibrio tra disegno e struttura, che diventa essa stessa tema decorativo conferendo ai mobili una opulenza tipicamente veneziana, ma sorprendentemente moderna nel gusto.

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