Among the various engraving styles of Arte Veneziana stands the splendid style "Diamante", entirely hand made by our engravers thanks to a technique characterized by the glass processing using different types of grinding wheels. The transparent glass, 10mm thick, is cut into panels composed of 3x3cm modules in which they are drawn guidelines. The first step, which affects digging deep, is with a coarse and then a fine diamond wheel; the second step takes place in the sandstone grinding wheel, a natural grinding stone that defines and refines the lines of the design, after which the glass is best finished with the grinding wheel of cork to be finally polished with a grinding wheel of felt impregnated with cerium oxide.In our daily production, the mirror 2550/S and console 2550/C are in Diamante style, but this style can be used in many ways and in "custom made" furniture, the important thing is respecting the law of this technique that is the law of the multiple of 3cm.

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