Between history and modernity


Arte Veneziana welcomes the spring with a blast from the past, participating in renovations works - directed by Pierre-Yves Rochon, the icon of the French Interior Designers - of the four suites of Dandolo Palace, built in 1300 and today home of the Hotel Danieli.Arte Veneziana is not new to the collaboration with the Hotel Danieli, in fact it has participated in the decor of the dining room and bedrooms in the past.

The works of this year concern the four historic suites that after the restoration, are shown in all their glory, including hand-engraved mirror paneling, mirrors and bathroom mirrors furniture. And it is on this occasion that Arte Veneziana has demonstrated its professionalism, craftsmanship and skill, and will continue to demonstrate in works will take place during the next year renovating the interior of the other halls and rooms.

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