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In design world, April has always been the month of novelties - and Salone del Mobile in Milano the perfect place where to display them. Neverthless, this year Arte Veneziana decided to take some "home advantage".

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The new De' Barberi decor, designed by Giovanni Luca Ferreri and handmade engraved on glass by our skilled Venetian artisan, is inspired by part of the woodcuts aerial view “Map of Venice”, an impressive masterpiece, made by the Venetian artist Jacopo De’ Barbari on XIV century. This artwork still is considered as a very detailed city urban landmark and it amazes for its massive size and for the painstaking details accuracy.

Giovanni Luca Ferreri has merged the high-skilled artisan workforce of Arte Veneziana atelier, who masters the most ancient Venetian engraving techniques, with the inspiration that comes from the astonishing Jacopo De’ Barbari’s work of art.

The result is a one-of-a-kind design masterpiece, also a tribute to the heritage of artistic Venetian knowledge that embraces a clear (and emotional) geographic connection.

By looking at this new exclusive kitchen, it is possible to admire the beauty of Venice island of XIV century as well as the contemporary one, in terms of the love for passionate glass manufacturing, which has been engraved with ancient handmade processes that have been fine-tuned over the years by artisan hands with rare ability.

What other better place, rather than our showroom nearby Venice, to display such sophisticated and unique new design collection?

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