Exclusive creative concepts handcrafted in Italy

Entrances, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, walk-in closets, bathrooms

Arte Veneziana Project Division realize the most exclusive ambiences for each client by developing the creative concepts of architects and interior designers. Arte Veneziana supports clients during the design process of either living rooms and sleeping areas or hotels entrances, luxury suites and private residences thanks to its skilled team of creative people and artisans, whom constantly advise on the most appropriate technical solution and on the best look&feel: from the classy Venetian style to the very modern and linear contemporary one.

At this stage, Arte Veneziana defines a custom project, which is tailor made according to every client’s request. The wise combination of the most prestigious materials along with design taste and high-end artistic craftsmanship originate made-to measure spaces, which are inspired from the local atmosphere and client’s personality, enhancing his choices and desires.

References are worldwide private houses, luxury yacht furnished with our artistic handmade products and hotels which still choose us trusting the unique service that we provide.

Casa Rivalto

05 March 2020 Projects
Are you a designer? Is something swirling around in your mind? We can help you realising your concepts by creating the perfect tailor-made solution you are dreaming of

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