Cabinet Marco Polo - TR10


Design theme

Transition Collection identifies, both with its name and the design essence of its geometries, Arte Veneziana’s new stylistic hallmark, which results from an on-going research of global lifestyle avant-gardes. A complete line for living and sleeping area distinguished by innovative combinations of prestigious materials, unique handcraft techniques and enchanting colour palettes.
A landscape decorates the Cabinet of which the doors show a skilful artisan manufacturing of handmade “ Marco Polo” engravings made of a silvery and delicate oriental motif that arise from black glass.

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Product description

Bar Cabinet with a tube-shaped metallic structure made of antiqued and burnished brass finishing. Two doors made of black glass, decorated with “Marco Polo” engraving with silvery finishing. Inside made of matt varnished grey wood, mirrored back-wall, two extra-clear glass shelves and LED backlight.

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Designer: Giovanni Luca Ferreri

Family line: Marco Polo

Item code: TR10

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