FORMA - Chandelier

Design theme

FORMA, designed by Khalid Shafar, is an exploration of forms and shapes that results from the connection and interconnection of Agaals – the black woven rope band men in the Arab world wear to secure their head covers.

Agaals are stripped out of their original fashionable function to serve as a pure building material for this collection. It is a further study of how a group of similar 2D elements can create a three-dimensional form as they connect and interconnect. Fluidity and continuity throughout the forms is key to maintaining the collection overall sharp and firm appearance.

FORMA is a tribute to the Arabic and Venetian cultures and traditions.

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Product description

Chandelier made of a curved metal structure with black matt finishing. No.24 circular glass tiles, which have been handmade mirrored with and artistic light-antiqued finishing, decorate the chandelier according to an alternate pattern. No.12 glass tiles features a handmade engraving of a floral décor, inspired by Venetian decorative motifs. Warm LED lighting system. Black Agaal, with an approximate size of Ø 20cm by 4cm thickness, on top of each glass tile.

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Designer: Khalid Shafar

Family line: FORMA

Product code: KS_C_001_10

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