FORMA - Floor Lamp

Design theme

FORMA, designed by Khalid Shafar, is an exploration of forms and shapes that results from the connection and interconnection of Agaals – the black woven rope band men in the Arab world wear to secure their head covers.

Agaals are stripped out of their original fashionable function to serve as a pure building material for this collection. It is a further study of how a group of similar 2D elements can create a three-dimensional form as they connect and interconnect. Fluidity and continuity throughout the forms is key to maintaining the collection overall sharp and firm appearance.

FORMA is a tribute to the Arabic and Venetian cultures and traditions.

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Product description

Floor lamp made of curved metal structure with shiny and golden finishing. Base made of rough black stone. Two circular glass tiles, which have been handmade mirrored with and artistic light-antiqued finishing, decorate the central illuminating part on the far ends. The glass tiles feature a handmade engraving of a floral décor, inspired by Venetian decorative motifs. Warm LED lighting system. Black Agaal, with an approximate size of Ø 20cm by 4cm thickness, on top of each glass tile.

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Designer: Khalid Shafar

Family line: FORMA

Product code: KS_C_001_310

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