Crystal Murano glass chandeliers and modern lightings

Antique Venetian tradition of making glass

Lightings are the most capable items that can change the appearance of a space. Thanks to the lights used a room becomes warm and cozy or cold and modern. Arte Veneziana offers a wide range of chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps that will satisfy the most varied tastes.

The famous crystal or colored Murano glass chandeliers are mouth blown by master artisans who produce unique and precious works of art. The mouth blown technique has been the same for hundreds of years. In addition to the Venetian style chandeliers made of cups, flowers and leaves, Arte Veneziana developed new ideas over the years. Déco style chandeliers or modern lightings with burnished brass and mirrored details are created by our interior designers. Arte Veneziana provides wall lamps and prestigious table and floor lamps also.

Each product is designed according to Italian taste and design. It is entirely handmade and can be customized down to the smallest detail. The main goal of Arte Veneziana is excellence that can only be achieved thanks to the satisfaction of our customers.

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Chandelier Sforza Contemporary
Chandelier Funi Contemporary
Chandelier Filarete Contemporary
Chandelier Pioggia Contemporary
Chandelier Averlino Contemporary
Chandelier Graffe Contemporary
Chandelier Opus Contemporary
Chandelier Onyx Contemporary
Chandelier Flex Contemporary
Chandelier Prisma Contemporary
Chandelier Haffo Contemporary
Chandelier Luxor Contemporary
Chandelier Chloe Déco
Chandelier Shard Contemporary
Chandelier Linette Déco
Chandelier Flandre Déco
Chandelier Horn Contemporary
Chandelier Meddy Contemporary
Chandelier Jussieu Déco
Chandelier Medusa Contemporary
Chandelier Tusk Contemporary
Chandelier Flesso Contemporary
Floor lamp Torciere del Doge Contemporary
Chandelier Bolla Contemporary
Chandelier Orson Contemporary
Chandelier Marguerite Déco
Chandelier Michelle Déco
Chandelier Pastorale Venetian
Chandelier Pupparin Venetian
Chandelier Barchetta Venetian
Chandelier Galeone Venetian
Chandelier Cluny Déco
Chandelier Burchio Venetian
Chandelier Galea Venetian
Chandelier Gondolino Venetian
Chandelier Mascareta Venetian
Chandelier Sandolo Venetian
Chandelier Tulipe Déco
Chandelier Regata Venetian
Chandelier Pallottone Venetian
Chandelier Ereso Venetian
Chandelier Melusine Déco
Chandelier Flowerpot Déco
Chandelier Rigny Déco
Chandelier Moyen Déco
Chandelier Dominique Déco
Chandelier Serenissima Contemporary
Chandelier Lumière Déco
Chandelier Black Rose Venetian
Chandelier Orchestra Contemporary
Chandelier Anelli Contemporary
Chandelier Chalet Contemporary
Chandelier Ailes Déco
Wall lamp Liseron Déco
Chandelier Levy Déco
Wall lamp Galeazzo Contemporary
Wall lamp Atlantis Contemporary
Wall lamp Leucade Venetian
Wall lamp Caorlina Venetian
Wall lamp Balòtina Venetian
Wall lamp Pipe Contemporary
Wall lamp Edera Déco
Wall lamp Rog Contemporary
Wall lamp Lidò Déco
Wall lamp Nelda Contemporary
Wall lamp Minimed Contemporary
Wall lamp Caroline Déco
Wall lamp Charlotte Déco
Chandelier Tresse Déco
Floor lamp Satara Venetian
Wall lamp Bossuet Déco
Floor lamp Lumi Déco
Floor lamp Tournelle French
Floor lamp Forcola Venetian
Floor lamp Bricola Venetian
Table lamp Patanea Venetian
Table lamp Torchon Venetian
Table lamp Euridice Déco
Table lamp Bastione Contemporary
Table lamp Palash Déco
Table lamp Tube Contemporary
Table lamp Gabrielle French
Table lamp Romantique Déco
Table lamp Pourpre Déco
Table lamp Lavoisier Déco
Table lamp Epinette Déco
Table lamp Damassé Déco
Table lamp Monnaies Déco
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