A Rezzonico style chandelier


Multicolored roses and leaves

Galea, the biggest Rezzonico Venetian style chandelier from Murano Collection of Arte Veneziana, proves how stunning lighting with multicolored and floral accents can be. This chandelier is made of 40 lights.

Architectural chandeliers, including modern sculptural designs and tiered styles, that are striking enough to double as art in your home.


Rezzonico style chandelier with 18 lights in four levels.

Chandelier made of handblown Murano glass crystal color and multicolored decorations.


Decorative flowers made of multicolored glass-paste.


Size: Ø 180 cm, H. 420 cm

Size: Ø 70" 7/8, H. 165" 3/8

Code: LVC-AVA-002-LV150

Custom to specification

I need a Galea chandelier

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