Tradition meets contemporary design


The contemporary furniture line

The new Transition furniture line represents the peak point of Arte Veneziana's handcraft abilities. Transition results from a wise combination of design and craftsmanships, which leads to the extreme unicity of art. Metallic frames creates architectures where prestigious materials and handcraft heritage merge in furniture pieces, which are signs of a timeless elegance. Colors are like flashes. Substance is luxury.

Handmade luxury wall lamp

Bossuet Déco style wall lamp

Murano glass crystal color


Structure in antiqued brass.

2 lights in handmade Murano glass "torchon" shaped crystal colour.


Size: Ø 65 cm, H. 90 cm

Size: Ø 25" 5/8, H. 35" 1/2

Code: LDW-AVA-010-AD52

Custom to specification

I need an Tressé wall lamp

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