Straight and crossed lines

Tour Eiffel

French style furniture with a minimal approach

Tour Eiffel furniture collection due its name to one of the most famous architectural symbols of the world. Arte Veneziana chose to name this collection Tour Eiffel because the main design and etchings recalls the straight line of this famous building.

This French style inspired line is made of different pieces of furniture that has in common straight lines that reminds crosses and a particular finishing called thumbnail bevelling. This kind of work is an artistic bevelling that enrich and better decorates each kind of mirrored furniture.

This collection is the best choice for people who loves clean lines and a French revisited style.

Handmade luxury dressing table

Gustave French style make-up desk

Two drawers and a central flip-top with artistic engravings

Gustave make-up desk belongs to the Tour Eiffel Collection. This dressing table reminds of the opulent Versailles french palace regardless its modern design appeal.

This very Déco style treasure chest suits perfectly any design scheme for royal bedrooms such as five stars luxury hotels.

The beveled and wisely engraved glass has been decorated with geometric patterns, which confers to this design piece a charming allure - F. Scott Fitzgerald's novels style.


Structure made of wood with silver leafed finish and inner rounded edges.

Four tapered legs with chrome-plated metal lower feet.

Shaped top made of bevelled glass with medium antique mirrored finish.

Front, sides and legs made of engraved glass with medium antique mirrored finish and with thumbnail-shaped etchings.

Back-side made of medium antique mirrored glass.

Two drawers with soft-close system and central flip-top with a central clear mirror.

Beige velvet on the inside.


Engravings of floral and geometric motifs.

Lapu rosette-shaped glass knob with chrome-plated brass.


Size: W. 127 cm, D. 50 cm, H. 77 cm

Size: W. 50", D. 19" 5/8, H. 30" 3/8

Code: FVT-AVA-006-TAV7D

Custom to specification

I need a Gustave make-up desk

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