Artistic tradition

French style Bacco mirror

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

French style mirrors industry was born in 1665 when the French politician Jean-Baptiste Colbert persuaded some important Venetian masters to move to France.

That is the story behind French Style Mirrors. This style is different from Venetian one. It is characterized by a deep grinding and a more geometric design.

A French mirror in fact is made of lots of different bevelled pieces that are closed together and create an harmonious geometrical figure. A beautiful example is Donato, an iconic mirror by Arte Veneziana that is made of 412 hand bevelled pieces. The most visible difference between a Venetian and a French mirror is the total absence of hand-blown glass decorations.

Handmade luxury mirror

Bacco French style mirror

Handmade engravings and hand bevelled glass decorations


Structure made of fir wood with antique finish.

Central glass with heavy antique mirrored finish.

Frames made of glass with heavy antique mirrored finish.

A certain blue enters your soul
Henry Matisse


Engravings of floral motifs and mythological characters of which Bacchus, a Faun and a young handmaid.

Decorative elements made of bevelled glass on the corners.

Technical info

Size: W. 145 cm, H. 220 cm

Size: W. 57", H. 86" 5/8

Code: MFX-AVA-005-M80

Fixing metal bars included

Custom to specification

Inspired by the blue shades of the french Seine

Canaletto Family Line

The main character is blue

The family line Canaletto reminds of a romantic trip along the Seine. The most iconic element of this line of mirrors is blue like the shades of a famous river or a signature sky. And that's why Arte Veneziana decided to name one of its mirror line Canaletto. This name that means small river in Italian, fits perfectly for those blue and silvered family of mirrors.

I need a Bacco mirror

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