Artistic tradition

Flake contemporary style mirror

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

Despite the great attention to its Venetian roots and artistic tradition, Arte Veneziana is always searching for new trends and a new concept of luxury.

From Milan, to New York till Paris. These are only few cities where our designers are based in. Arte Veneziana has been their happy place to create minimal or circular mirrors. New techniques have been studied in order to give a cooler allure and fit into any modern spaces and contemporary homes.

Handmade multilevel luxury mirror

Flake contemporary style mirror

Artistic engravings inspired cracked ice effect


Structure made oak wood with matte black finish.

Front oval-shaped glass with medium antique mirrored finish on the centre and partially transparent on the edges.

Rear oval-shaped engraved glass with medium antique mirrored finish.

It snowed and snowed, the whole world over, snow swept the world from end to end
Boris Pasternak


Engravings of “Frost” decor.

Technical info

Size: W. 90 cm, H. 110 cm

Size: W. 35” 1/2, H. 43” 1/4

Code: MCX-GLF-209-15

Fixing metal bars included

Custom to specification

Inspired from crystal snowflakes

Frost Collection

Memories of wintery dreams

The pleasure of a whispered fairytale, the memory of those childhood frosty melancholy Russian days.

That precise moment when a little girl in her warm home looks through the windows to see the landscape. Suddenly, a simple glass turns into a crystal snowflake.

Calm, peace and the firmness of everything.

Cracked ice effect

Inspired by crystalized snowflakes

A new handmade engraved decor

So welcome to Frost Collection by Tatiana Gorshkova, the finalist of the 2018 "iART, iHEART, iDESIGN" contest announced by Arte Veneziana in partnership with Archistudio during Arch Moscow 2018.

The work recall the designer’s childhood memories of the long Russian winter.

I need a Flake mirror


Product Designer

Tatiana Gorshkova


Tatiana Gorshkova found her own architectural and design bureau GORSHKOFFSTUDIO in 2008.

Tatiana has been included in the top 100 best interior designers of Russia, with her over 40 projects of private interiors. She is a leading designer on Channel 1 in Russia and elected to be the Head of the Association of Designers and Decorators of Russia in 2017.

Tatiana had proudly taken second place in the designer contest “iArt, iHeart, iDesign” at Arch Moscow in 2018, creating a new collection of furniture in collaboration with world-famous company Arte Veneziana.

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