Mirror Gonfalone

Design theme

GONFALONE Collection, designed by Mike Shilov, is a tribute to the greatness of Venice.

This new line takes inspiration, by naming and style, from the flag of the city, symbol of its extraordinary Venetian history. The flag has 6 tails, representing the 6 districts of the island, and 6 will be the handmade Murano glass decorations that, like flags, will drop down and decorate each piece of the collection. San Marco Evangelist, the saint patron and protector of Venice, represented by a golden and winged lion, stand clear in the centre of the flag, as much as its handmade engraving on the glass top with partial mirrored finishing.

All pieces well show the link between Venetian culture and tradition with contemporaneity, in terms of modern shapes and materials. In fact, all their parts clearly state “vintage” finishing regardless the overall modern look.

GONFALONE Collection aims to magnify the artistic and craft traditions of Arte Veneziana, which has promoted the Venetian heritage of glass manufacturing since forever.

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Product description

The mirror is made of two extra-clear overlapped glass, with handmade and not-antiqued mirrored finishing. Decorative details on the fore, made of cast glass with handmade artistic and partially mirrored finishing. Wooden structure to support glass. Metal frame for hanging, made of brass with brushed and antiqued nichel finishing.

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Designer: Mike Shilov

Family line: Gonfalone

Product code: MS_B_001_15

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