Octagon polygon

Giudecca Family Line

A striking island like this signature mirror

The family line Giudecca takes its name by the island placed in front of sestiere Dorsoduro. The peculiarity of this Arte Veneziana family line is the beautiful octagonal shape with an engraved mirrored finishing.

Venice is eternity itself
Joseph Brodsky

Handmade octagonal-shaped luxury mirror

Palanca Venetian style mirror

Handmade engravings and Murano glass decorations


Structure made of wood with walnut colour finish.

Central octagonal-shape glass with medium antique mirrored finish.

Frame and crest made of engraved glass with medium antique mirrored finish.


Engravings of floral and geometric motifs.

Decorative leaves, curls, rosettes and twisted ropes made of amber coloured Murano glass.

Technical info

Size: W. 70 cm, H. 90 cm

Size: W. 27" 1/2, H. 35" 1/2

Code: MVX-AVA-001-K10

Fixing metal bars included

Custom to specification

I need a Palanca mirror

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