Where glass is the main character

Murano Family Line

Artistic decorations in straight piece of furniture

The real star of this family line is her majesty the engraving. The patterns on the mirrors, obtained by means of its grinding wheel engraving, feature floral designs or mythological or bucolic figurative scenes. The furnishing is simple and very linear and let the etchings speak. Just like the beautiful isle of Murano.

A simple and beautiful place of the Venetian Lagoon. Murano is less famous than her bigger sister Venice but has nothing to envy to it. People from all over the world come to see the magic of handcrafting the glass.

Venetian style TV cabinet

Arzere Venetian style TV cabinet

TV lifter with artistic engravings


Structure made of fir wood with black matte lacquered finish.

Inside made of wood with black matte lacquered finish.

Top made of clear mirrored glass and TV lifter arrangement in the centre.

Back-side made of wood with black matte lacquered finish.

Frames, doors and sides made of engraved glass with medium antique mirrored finish.


Engravings of floral motifs.


Size: W. 153 cm, D. 33 cm, H. 100 cm

Size: W. 60" 1/4, D. 12" 3/5, H. 39" 3/8

Code: FTC-AVA-002-3030TV

Custom to specification

*The TV lifter is not included

I need an Arzere TV cabinet

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