Arte Veneziana classics

Sant'Elena Family Line

Etchings to their best level

The family line Sant'Elena reminds the observer of a well executed engraving. The most iconic element of this family line is the highly artistic work made of floral motives and religious or mythological figures. Sant'Elena is a beautiful hidden island in Venice that shows its beauty to the few people who knows this place. This Arte Veneziana family line is a marvelous jewel for the ones who loves elegance.

Handmade luxury table

Khora Venetian style table

Handmade engravings and Murano glass decorations


Venetian style table in hand engraved and antiqued extraclear mirror.

Structure in solid wood with shiny stainless steel details.

Design Matteo Fossa.


Engravings of Scudo Veneziano decor.

Technical info

Size: W. 270 cm, D. 120 cm, H. 75 cm

Size: W. 106" 1/4, D. 47" 1/4, H. 29" 1/2

Code: FTB-AVA-011-3084

Custom to specification

I need a Khora table

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