Handcrafted Luxury Bedside Table

Prince Art Déco Nightstand

Two Drawers with Artistic Engravings


Structure made of fir wood.

Perimetral edges made of wood with silver antique leafed finish.

Four tapered legs.

Two partially extractable drawers, with soft-close system and with beige velvet on the inside.

Top, drawers, sides, back and legs made of bevelled glass with medium antique mirrored finish.


Kiri rosette-shaped glass knob with chrome-plated-plated brass.


Size: W. 85 cm, D. 47 cm, H. 69 cm

Size: W. 33” 1/2, D. 18” 1/2, H. 27” 1/8

Code: FNS-AVA-009-0003

Custom made to specifications.

I Need a Prince Nightstand

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