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Cannes, Las Vegas, Saint Petersburg. Dreamy private residences in the Big Apple, Moscow or Baku, gorgeous villas or breathtaking hotels as the Four Seasons, the Shangri-La and last but not least the Principe di Savoia.

What do these incredible locations have in common? Each one speaks the artistic language of our luxury furniture company Arte Veneziana.

The almost 50 year old furniture atelier which combines, high end craftsmanship, a strong glass engraving passion and artistic decoration knowledge with a contemporary taste that truly stands out.

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Our Exclusive Collections

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From Déco style pieces to very Venetian fashionable furniture, from the signature French allure to the super contemporary ones. Explore the wide range of our mirrors, furniture and lighting collections. Get inspired by our suggestions and design your own stylish concept. Fill it with personal taste, luxury appeal and artistic vibe.

Working with our Hands

The Art of Italian Craftsmanship

Our Unique Know-How. People

Nothing has ever defined excellence better than accurate craftsmanship realised thanks to manual techniques, which have been fine-tuned over the years by Italian master artisans with rare abilities on materials. Glass is one of these, and Arte Veneziana is the worldwide known atelier that better handles it.

Especially when mirrored, engraved or bevelled, glass is still the spirit of the Venetian area and it becomes the core of luxury furniture, lighting and accessories that show a one-of-a-kind beauty.

Functional Art based in Venice

Vetralia Collectible

Arte Veneziana - state of the art

Vetralia represents the state of the art in the creative research of Arte Veneziana and pursues the objective of producing unique pieces or limited series of Collectible Design.

The pieces it creates are always characterised by the use of artistic techniques found in the Venetian tradition, through a contemporary interpretation carried out by international artists and designers who are keen to experiment with it. | | @vetraliacollectible

Playing with silvering techniques, coloured surfaces and engravings

Arte Veneziana Finishings

Between Modern and Heritage

This area is dedicated to all of Arte Veneziana's finishes. Here you will find both classical style and modern or contemporary decorations such as paintings on glass or pen engravings, wall coverings or engraved mirrored tiles.

During the last few years Arte Veneziana has been looking and studying modern trends. That's why thanks to its skilled artisans and artists the company is experimenting with both new techniques as well as heritage ones.

Upcoming and past happenings

Arte Veneziana's events

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We are delighted to guide you through our numerous events whether they be our participation in design fairs, engraving workshops or design award contests we proudly sponsor.

Arte Veneziana’s social and cultural commitment to carry on the art of engraving tradition and expressing its distinctiveness. Discover the latest temporary showroom or pop up event.

Enjoy our magical creations, new collections, new finishes that lead to totally bespoke projects where we cleverly combine classic tradition with contemporary style, evolving and adapting to the taste of times.

Handmade glass furniture

Unique Handcrafted Furniture

Arte Veneziana Products

Mirrors, furniture, chandeliers, wall coverings, doors, handles, cast glass frames and custom architectural elements. Everything you may wish to see into an extraordinary contemporary interior design scheme that embraces classical style, contemporary design trends and handmade artistic decorations.

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