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Good Mood Reboot

The Sophistication of Decorated Glass. Made in Italy

Arte Veneziana, for over fifty years, committed to pursuing the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship, wanted to give free rein to the imagination and creativity of its designers and craftsmen. That’s how the finishing section was born. It recounts about accurate studies with colour and combinations between traditional and new materials expressed in a new, contemporary way.

The inspiration comes from nature and its landscapes. The ever shifting variety of colours and shapes are the subjects of the painted glass walls, of the pen-engraved screens, of the finishes of our furnishings. Each finish can be applied in a thousand different ways. You can furnish a wall, cover a cabinet, decorate the doors of a bespoke closet or even apply the decoration to coffee tables or nightstands and, why not, also to chandeliers with a modern twist.

Sometimes words are not enough. Then colours are needed.
Alessandro Baricco

Handmade Finishing

Good Mood Reboot

by Leo De Carlo


Colour and soft shapes are the stars of the GOODMOOD reboot.

Classic engravings combined with venturesome chromatics, to innovatively re-chart a classic of Arte Veneziana.

A call to the sphere of the playful and innocent world of childhood, mixed with soft yet minimal shapes.

The possibility of choosing your favourite colour, makes this complement customisable to one's taste.

Discover the Good Mood Reboot Collection designed by Leo De Carlo in perfect harmony with the finishing.


Extra-clear acid etched glass varnished in multicolour and decorated with silver hand engravings.


N.B. Colours may differ slightly from the original image as this is a handcrafted piece.

Made in Italy

A fashionable kitchen with the Rotella table A fashionable kitchen with the Rotella table

The color palette is made entirely by hand and follows an artisanal process, that’s why colours will never be perfectly identical to the images shown below. These images must be taken into consideration only as an inspiration for the selected nuance.

I Need a Good Mood Reboot Finishing


Product Designer

Leo De Carlo


Leo De Carlo was born in Venice in 1972. He graduated in Industrial Design from the Milan Polytechnic in 1998. He worked for Philippe Starck in Paris from 1999 to 2003, handling furnishings, lighting, electronics and interior projects.

He returned to Italy in 2003 and went into business on his own. He currently lives and works in Venice.

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