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Arte Veneziana, for over fifty years, committed to pursuing the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship, wanted to give free rein to the imagination and creativity of its designers and craftsmen. That’s how the finishing section was born. It recounts about accurate studies with colour and combinations between traditional and new materials expressed in a new, contemporary way.

The inspiration comes from nature and its landscapes. The ever shifting variety of colours and shapes are the subjects of the painted glass walls, of the pen-engraved screens, of the finishes of our furnishings. Each finish can be applied in a thousand different ways. You can furnish a wall, cover a cabinet, decorate the doors of a bespoke closet or even apply the decoration to coffee tables or nightstands and, why not, also to chandeliers with a modern twist.

Handmade Finishing


by Arte Veneziana


When the fog falls in Venice "ca me ligo = caigo" or here I stop. The atmosphere becomes ethereal and magical, Venice appears suspended between water and the sky. One’s gaze is lost in a seeming infinite horizon and allows us to shift our thoughts to its mystery but, at the same time, also to its charm. These are the allusions that Arte Veneziana seeks in the creation of this finish.

Like a painting by Renoir, the blur and the apparent sense of incompleteness give rise to contrasting emotions and diverging subjective and entirely personal perceptions of reality. A journey of introspection and search for original details that is poured into the furnishings.

Discover Boulder Collection designed by Leo De Carlo in perfect harmony with Caigo finishing.


Extraclear acid-etched glass, 6 mm thickness, decorated with mirrored finish on the back and faded antiqued finish from clear to heavy antiqued.

Front hand engraved with a diamond wheel in an abstract artistic pattern.

It is the uncertainty that charms one. A mist makes things wonderful
Oscar Wilde

I Need a Caigo Finishing

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