Side and Coffee Tables

The Best Choice for Every Setting

Excellence is in the details: from the precious wood, to a unique marble or a custom made silvering

Excellence is in the details; from the precious wood, to a unique marble or customised silvering.

Side tables and coffee tables are essential pieces in every living room and add embellishment to bedrooms, walk in robes and bathrooms.

We produce fabulous bespoke small tables for various rooms and settings with different decorations. Engravings, mirrored elements, brass and chrome are the essence you will find in these products. Where engravings allude to a landscape and acid-etched glass is reminiscent of the Venetian fog, geometrics and expressions emerge in these design pieces.

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Coffee table Manacore Contemporary
Coffee table Kallisto Contemporary
Coffee table Monzino Contemporary
Side table Mark Contemporary
Coffee table Tufo Contemporary
Coffee table Jakson Contemporary
Coffee table Porfido Contemporary
Side table Pomice Contemporary
Coffee table Selce Contemporary
Side table Mopipi Contemporary
Side table Marna Contemporary
Side table Bombago Contemporary
Coffee table Castore Contemporary
Coffee table Orione Contemporary
Side table Polluce Contemporary
Coffee table Olivolo Contemporary
Coffee table Ercole Contemporary
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