Tables and consoles

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Excellence is in the details: from the precious wood, to a unique marble or a custom made silvering

Tables are undisputedly the main character of a home. Around a table we gather to dine in conviviality and it's where the most important decisions ever have been made. Whether they be round, rectangular or square shaped, Arte Veneziana has produced many bespoke tables for its customers through the years. A diamond pen to create abstract designs or engravings to bring about a memory of the lagoon in winter are just a few of the specimens available.

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Table Belvedere Contemporary
Table Mont Blanc Contemporary
Table Lamis Contemporary
Table Scisto Contemporary
Table Contemporary
Table Bisato Contemporary
Console Denant Contemporary
Console Poggio Contemporary
Console Ferret Contemporary
Console Paganelo Contemporary
Table Uget Contemporary
Console Kline Contemporary
Table Candy Tongue Contemporary
Console Lario Contemporary
Table Pollok Contemporary
Console Caronte Contemporary
Table Varano Contemporary
Table Garbin Contemporary
Table Popilia Contemporary
Table Savant Contemporary
Table Rotella Contemporary
Console Discreet Contemporary
Console Oaky Contemporary
Console Core Contemporary
Table Nevada Contemporary
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