Arte Veneziana

The mirror atelier

Custom made luxury furniture. Made in Italy

We believe in excellent craftsmanship and attention to details. We support the value of people.

Arte Veneziana is a unique reality in the luxury furniture field. Our furniture is completely custom made and designed according to the taste of each client. We realize unique pieces that become works of art.

Our Mission

Unique craftsmanship meets creativity

Between tradition and innovation

Arte Veneziana mission is to go on and develop the Venetian mirror tradition through a constant search for excellence. We are proud supporters of the rediscovery of the Venetian, Italian and European artistic past. Our furniture is a perfect balance between our master artisan's rich know-how and the creative flair of our top designers.

We talk to our clients and artisans and we handmade produce every single piece like a tailor in his bespoke atelier. We reach excellence because we work with people instead of machines. That's why our mirrors and furniture are different one from another. They are more than unique.

Master Otello while engraving Master Otello while engraving

The design team

From the technical drawings to the final project

We grant what you ask for

Arte Veneziana assists customers step by step starting from technical drawings to the final project. Our sales team studies the perfect solution for each concept.

Our team of architects is committed to develop a project based on expectations and needs of every single client. From the déco lover to the contemporary and minimal addicted.

We are like a well trained orchestra in which every single musician plays individually lead by an experienced conductor: quality.

Technical drawing Technical drawing
Hand bevelling Hand bevelling

The core of the company

Experienced artisans and master engravers

The antique art of glass engraving

The real hidden treasure of Arte Veneziana is made by people and their knowledge. Our experienced artisans and master engravers know the mirror technique very well and they constantly teach this antique art to our young and talented artisans.

We are very proud to preserve this ancient glass engraving tradition and that's why we want to tell a story about every single Arte Veneziana worker. Because we strongly believe to the importance of each person who has a different history.

Arte Veneziana experienced team at your service

Knowledge in our hands passion in our mind

Sharing the same values

Arte Veneziana people share the same values although coming from artistic backgrounds. We are powered by the deep love for everything we do, also by the great strength in keeping the craftsmanship at the highest quality. We believe that an excellent executed mirror or piece of furniture can be appreciated as a real work of art whenever it states your own feelings and personal design taste. Being aware of these principles, Arte Veneziana invests in the education of new generations, introducing them towards important themes such as the culture of doing good or the mutual respect. Curiosity, heart and attention to the environment add the final touch to our secret recipe. Driven by passion, we are committed to share what we do best: haute couture furniture and mirrors.


Our land, our roots

Arte Veneziana Headquarters

Our showroom and factory

Arte Veneziana Headquarters is in Olmo di Martellago, Venice, Italy.

Every visitor can experience the real handmade Venetian glass mirror technique and immediately feels like a Venetian of the '700 or a Versailles courtier at the Louis XIV age.

Sky is the limit​

Arte Veneziana around the world

Our sales agents and resellers

Thanks to our showrooms and experienced sales agents we are located not only in Italy but all over the world. Our corners around the world well represent our company which is well known for the high Italian craftsmanship and the accurate design.

Are you a designer? Is something swirling around in your mind? We can help you realising your concepts by creating the perfect tailor-made solution you are dreaming of

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