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Arte Veneziana has developed more than a hundred different furniture lines starting from the typical Venetian mirrors to the French ones. The company increased its know-how and has become a real landmark through the years for people who choose the quality of the made-to-measure to furnish their intimate spaces or the most luxurious hotels of the world.

Arte Veneziana ranges from classic lines to Déco style, from the more contemporary to very conceptual ones. Each time raising the quality bar higher and higher.

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Giovanni Luca Ferreri Langhe Contemporary
Giovanni Luca Ferreri Paesaggi Italiani Contemporary
Leo De Carlo Melt Contemporary
Leo De Carlo Good Mood Reboot Contemporary
Giovanni Luca Ferreri Transition Contemporary
Giovanni Luca Ferreri Gargano Contemporary
Leo De Carlo Boulder Contemporary
Giovanni Luca Ferreri K. Contemporary
Giovanni Luca Ferreri Florea New Classic
Leo De Carlo Good Mood Contemporary
Mike Shilov Gonfalone New Classic
Leo De Carlo Fairy Tales Contemporary
Arte Veneziana Venetia Venetian
Leo De Carlo Wise Contemporary
Leo De Carlo Age of Gold New Classic
Giovanni Luca Ferreri Lagune Contemporary
Giovanni Luca Ferreri Moser Deco
Giovanni Luca Ferreri Next Déco Deco
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