Florea Collection

The Baroque wonder

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Florea Collection is made of unique pieces capable of evoking the famous wonder typical of the Baroque poetry. The volutes, the sinuos patterns and the complex Baroque motives are the source of inspiration for this sinuous and rich line.

The ornamental themes of Sixteenth Century architecture amplified by mirrored glass and light reflections constitute both decoration and essence. Florea handmade design shows an accurate harmony of shapes and lines multiplied almost indefinitely.

Every Florea Collection item has an evocative flower's name in order to better describe the beautiful decorations characterizing the line.

Moodboard Florea

Inspired by Baroque lines

​Extreme Elegance

Grandeur and surprise are necessary to achieve a sense of awe. That is the perfect description of the Baroque movement. A period of irreverence and extravagance in art, poetry and music. What are the main guidelines of this era? Either ones aim to be a king or ones aim to go against the grain magnificence is the key.

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Door Dhalia Contemporary
Door Erica Contemporary
Portal Silvanus Contemporary
Cabinet Ibisco Contemporary
Cabinet Lotus Contemporary
Armchair Magnolia Contemporary
Contemporary style mirror Ninfea Contemporary
Screen Aster Contemporary
Buffet Lily Contemporary
Console Camelia Contemporary
Contemporary style mirror Half Contemporary
Coffee table Anemone Contemporary
Wash cabinet Iris Contemporary
My look is either very baroque or very zen, everything in between makes me itch
Iris Apfel

Etching tradition

Reediting the French engraving

Florea shiny spheres

French mirrors evolved towards a style which prefers decorative patterns of hand-bevelled mirrors element. Engraving of pieces is characterized by a predisposition to enhanced wheel grinding. As a consequence, in the mirrors the engraved decorative element tends to be more geometrical and less figurative. With Florea collection engravings become more modern: masters use their skills to create different kind of etched spheres.

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