Paesaggi Italiani

Feel the Italian atmosphere

A journey to rediscover Italy and its beauty

Paesaggi Italiani takes inspiration from Italy and its uniqueness. The new family line is like an ideal journey along Italy which focuses on Italian monuments and beautiful places that fascinates the eye of the observer. Ones can start with Behind Monna Lisa, a clear tribute to the most famous painting in the world: La Gioconda. Then you will jump from the yellow of the typical Magna Grecia rock tuff with its huge temples, into the one of a kind shades of the Dolomites. A dive into the blue till the grey marble of the ancient Romans reveals of Aquileia. A journey to the rediscovering of nature and our roots. To not forget about it.

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Inspiring Paesaggi Italiani

Italian taste

The perfection of a spiderweb in a cloudy morning. The breathless mountain view while drinking a hot tea after a long walk through nature. The power of the sea during an unceasing storm or a peaceful hilly landscape. That is what defines Italy and its unique beauty. A natural masterpiece painted by an artist.

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Paesaggi Italiani

Wall covering Tuscany Contemporary
Buffet Concordia Contemporary
Cabinet Leonardo Contemporary
Cabinet Cristallo Contemporary
Cabinet Galassi Contemporary
Table Garbin Contemporary
Armchair Camaleonte Contemporary
Buffet Palmanova Contemporary
Buffet Ostro Contemporary
Coffee table Castore Contemporary
Coffee table Ercole Contemporary
Side table Polluce Contemporary
Coffee table Orione Contemporary
Contemporary style mirror Massenzio Contemporary
Contemporary style mirror Giunone Contemporary

Handmade paint and engraving

Contemporary decor

A brand new decoration

In Paesaggi Italiani collection the artist has experienced a new and fresh approach on finishing and decorations mixing the artistic pen engraving tradition with the new way of painting glass surfaces. Each family line differs from the others in coloring, mirroring, engraving and applying of the golden leaf. You can chose Girgenti if you love golden finishings or you can go for Aquileia if you prefer a matte and more sober effect.

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