Tables and consoles

The Best Choice for Every Setting

Excellence is in the details: from the precious wood, to a unique marble or a custom made silvering

Tables, whatever the design, are the undisputed main characters of a home. It’s around a table we gather to dine in conviviality and where the most important decisions ever, have been made. Arte Veneziana has produced many unique and bespoke tables for its customers through the years.

Our company strives to accomplish an excellent job and to meet each customer’s satisfaction. Engravings, mirrored elements, precious woods, marble and onyx are the materials you will find in these products. As always everything is totally handmade by our skilled artisans and tailored to the needs of each customer. That means excellence and luxury to Arte Veneziana, the Made in Italy furniture atelier.

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Table Ariete New Classic
Table Void New Classic
Table Timeless New Classic
Table Cupido Venetian
Console Camelia New Classic
Table Putto Venetian
Table Khora Venetian
Console Mezzaluna Deco
Table Cut New Classic
Console Perseo New Classic
Console Colbert French
Console Adamantem New Classic
Table Leon Deco
Console Marcuola Venetian
Table Cigno French
Console Elgin New Classic
Console Tibi New Classic
Table Arcadia New Classic
Table Selecto New Classic
Table Dresdner Deco
Table Diamont New Classic
Table Soft New Classic
Table Zeus French
Table Biancaneve Venetian
Console Johann Deco
Console Indigo Deco
Table Poiret Deco
Table Hassun New Classic
Console Glossier New Classic
Table Oliver New Classic
Console Griffon Deco
Console Deer Deco
Console Moliere French
Console Fenice Venetian
Console Momo Venetian
Console Toniolo Venetian
Console Alessandria Venetian
Console Genevieve French
Console Malibran Venetian
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