Gonfalone Collection

A tribute to the greatness of Venice

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Inspired from the city flag

A tribute to the greatness of Venice

Design by Mike Shilov

The great magnificence of the Serenissima. The power and the prestige of the most famous and evocative maritime Republic. Venice.

The main character of this vintage classy collection is depicted by the Gonfalone, the official Venice Flag which is the portrayal of San Marco Evangelist, the saint patron and protector of the city, represented by a golden and winged lion.

A curiosity? The flag has six tails, representing the six districts of the island.

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Sideboard Gonfalone New Classic
Coffee table Meus New Classic
Console Tibi New Classic
New Classic style mirror Vexillum New Classic
Venice! There is a name in human language that has made to dream more than that?
Guy de Maupassant

Sideboard with sliding doors

Awarded design

This is the story under the creation of Gonfalone Collection by Mike Shilov, the winner of the 2018 iART, iHEART, iDESIGN contest announced by Arte Veneziana in partnership with Archistudio during Arch Moscow.

The articles recall modern geometries with a vintage twist to testify the great attention to the typical Venetian glass heritage. Which fascinates everyone in the world.

Pen engraving on molten glass

A winged lion

San Marco Evangelist, the saint patron and protector of Venice, represented by a golden and winged lion, stand clear in the centre of the Venetian flag. So it does the artistic handmade pen-engraved lion on the thick molten glass top, with two rounded corners and partially mirrored finishing.

GONFALONE Collection aims to magnify the artistic and craft traditions of Arte Veneziana, which has promoted the Venetian heritage of glass manufacturing since forever.


Product Designer

Mike Shilov


Mike Shilov was born and grown up in Moscow. A graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University, before making a successful career in interior design, he has worked for many years as a fashion and lifestyle editor and art-director. Determined to do what has long wanted, interior and product design, Mike received a profession at the International Design School in Moscow. He continued his education abroad in order to obtain a truly global vision for design. In 2016, Architectural Digest chose Mike’s project for Bosco Verticale skyscraper in Milan as the very best. In 2018 Mike launched the eponymous luxury carpet collection.

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