Artistic Tradition

Vexillum New Classic Mirror

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

Despite the great attention to its Venetian roots and artistic tradition, Arte Veneziana is always searching for new concepts of luxury.

From Milan, to New York to Paris. These are only a few of the cities where our designers are based. Arte Veneziana has been their haven, a place where creating artistic mirrors is made possible. New techniques have been studied in order to give a cooler allure and fit into any home.

Handcrafted Luxury Mirror

Vexillum New Classic Style Mirror

Multilevel Mirror with Backed Glass Tiles


Structure made of oak wood with black matte finish.

Two overlapped glass panels with light antique mirrored finish.

Six decorative tiles on the front side made of backing glass with a partially mirrored finish.


Size: W. 105 cm, D. 6 cm, H. 135 cm

Size: W. 41” 3/8, D. 2” 3/8, H. 53” 1/8

Code: MCX-MS-401-15

Fixing metal bars included.

Custom made to specifications.

I Need a Vexillum Mirror


Product Designer

Mike Shilov


Mike Shilov was born and grew up in Moscow. A graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University, before making a successful career in interior design, he worked for many years as a fashion and lifestyle editor and art-director. Determined to do what he had wanted for so long, Mike received a position as interior and product design at the International Design School in Moscow. He continued his education abroad in order to obtain a truly global vision for design. In 2016, Architectural Digest chose Mike’s project for the Bosco Verticale Skyscraper in Milan as the very best. In 2018 Mike launched the eponymous luxury carpet collection.

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