Artistic Tradition

French Style Doler Mirror

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

The French style mirror industry began in 1665 when the French politician Jean-Baptiste Colbert persuaded some important Venetian masters to move to France.

That is the story behind French Style Mirrors. This style is different from the Venetian one. It is characterised by a deep grinding and a more geometric design.

A French mirror is in fact made of lots of different bevelled pieces that are close together and create a harmonious geometrical figure. A beautiful example is Donato, an iconic mirror by Arte Veneziana that is made of 412 hand bevelled pieces. The most visible difference between a Venetian and a French mirror is the total absence of hand-blown glass decorations on the latter.

Handcrafted Luxury Mirror with Fretwork Crest

Doler French Style Mirror

Handmade Engravings and Hand Bevelled Glass Decorations


Doler faithful replica of bevelled mirror with handmade engravings, designed by Leonardo da Vinci in the XVI Century.

First feelings are always the most natural.
Louis XIV


Size: W. 80 cm, H. 94 cm

Size: W 31" 1/2. , H. 37"

Code: MFX-AVA-005-M1000

Fixing metal bars included.

Custom made to specifications.

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