Artistic Tradition

Venetian Style Drago Mirror

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

Venetian Style mirrors are Arte Veneziana’s pride and joy. There are some simple tips to recognise a Venetian style mirror; the beautiful floral engravings or rich mythological and bucolic scenes.

The most famous characters are the typical engraved curl finishings together with the depiction of Bacco, Justice or the well-known Venetian Eighteenth-century Dama and Cavaliere. Crystal colored Murano decorative flowers, leaves, twisted ropes and multicoloured glass paste rosettes embellish each Venetian mirror. The result is a unique item comparable to a work of art for craftsmanship and excellence in its execution.

Last but not least: do not worry if the mirror's decorations seem badly fixed. Our master artisans preserve the historical tradition in avoiding fixing the glass parts. In fact leaving those parts mobile and tying them with an iron wire is the correct procedure both to respect Venetian roots and above all, to avoid damage and breakage of the glass.

Handcrafted Luxury Mirror with Fretwork Crest

Drago Venetian Style Mirror

Handmade Engravings and Hand Bevelled Glass Decorations


Venetian style engraved mirror with golden crystal Murano glass curls and flowers.

Structure in natural wood.

I always wanted to go to Venice. It’s supposed to be the romance capital of the world.
Gordon Korman


Floral motif engravings.


Size: L. 70 cm, H. 115 cm

Size: W. 27" 1/2, H. 45" 1/4

Code: MVX-AVA-001-0179

Fixing metal bars included.

Custom made to specifications.

I Need a Drago Mirror

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