Handcrafted Luxury Chest of Drawers

CDA Art Déco Black Chest of Drawers

Black Drawers with Red Lacquered Inner Finish


Structure made of fir wood.

Base made of wood with black shiny lacquered finish.

Four drawers with push-pull opening.

Interior made of wood with red shiny lacquered finish.

Top made of bevelled black glass. Back made of wood.

Drawers and sides made of bevelled, engraved black glass.


Shiny silvered sphere “Bulle Fiamminga” decor engravings.


Size: W. 110 cm, D. 50 cm, H. 80 cm

Size: W. 43” 1/4, D. 19” 5/8, H. 31” 1/2

Code: FCD-AVA-009-CDA

Custom made to specifications.

I Need a CDA Chest of Drawers


Product and Interior Designer

Celeste Dell'Anna


Celeste Dell’Anna was born in Cannobbio in 1954 where he attended the architect Luigi Curti's studio from which he learned graphic representation and decoration techniques, as well as his love for art and architecture. He studied Architecture at the Polytechnic in Milan, a city where he has been since 1975. Celeste Dell'Anna's activity takes him around Italy, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the United States and China where he realised the 12,000 square metre building project in Kun Ming. A conscious eclecticism based on a deep historical knowledge of art and architecture. "Generally I don't like to do something where opulence is the only reason for beauty. I love looking at Marajas' portraits of the past which exude an absurdly measured charm and that same detached elegance that I like to find in my creations".

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