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The master and his art

Camelia Console

Focus on: Painting and Varnishing

The Camelia Console from the Florea Family Line recalls the magnificence of the Baroque Age.

Decorated like beautiful flowers with spherical etchings and lots of curly mirrored tiles.

This piece features intricately shaped fretwork detailing which require painstaking craftsmanship, particularly in preparing the wood where the bevelled and engraved glass pieces will be later attached.

Who does it?


40 years of experience

Claudio, 60, entered the world of varnishing immediately after his studies.

From an experience in the entertainment world, he arrived in Arte Veneziana 6 years ago, with passion and the desire to give his best to the company.

He likes engines in all their forms and in the future he sees himself whizzing off on the bike of his dreams.



Varnishing with Claudio

Varnishing for Claudio is a real passion.

His knowledge on the subject ranges from the preparing of materials to the spreading of the compound on the wood, without forgetting the related difficulties.

For him each piece is essential, from the smallest fragment to the largest of doors, so that the union of the individual pieces is unvarying.



A precise job

Priming is Claudio's crucial task.

It consists of a first layer of the product which is applied to the wood to prepare the surface for the following coats of paint. Excellent adherence is obtained by penetrating the fibres and pores of the wood, which allows for the reduction of humidity and further protection.

The finishing, on the other hand, is the task of his colleague, Giovanni.

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