Artistic silvering

Meet our lord of mirrors Federico and dive into his work

This is the time to slow and chill and appreciate the art of a truly artistic manufactory.

Discover the beauty of an antique work the beauty of Venetian glass tradition and our unique country.

Italy and its people.

The master and his art


Focus on: silvering techniques

Paesaggi Italiani takes inspiration from Italy and its uniqueness. The new family line is like an ideal journey along Italy which focuses on Italian monuments and beautiful places that fascinates the eye of the observer. A journey to the rediscovering of nature and our roots. To not forget about it.

Who does it?


Our lord of mirrors

Federico is a motorcycle addicted.

He is a real pro in the varnishing and silvering technique. In fact Fede has been working in this sparkling world since he was eighteen in 1994.

He worked in the motorbike field for Aprilia, Ducati and BMW just to name a few and in 2005 he started working in Arte Veneziana as a master of silvering.

Federico is father of two and loves cycling in his free-time.

The silvering technique


Federico & his artistic work

Federico is a real expert at silvering glass. Silvering is an art. An ancient technique typical of our Venetian area.

This process is an entirely handmade and very important step of our Arte Veneziana production.

The final mirrored effect confers identity and uniqueness to every single piece and can not be totally controlled by men.

It depends on the artisan's skills but also on different other factors such as the weather conditions.

From glass to mirror


Federico & his magic working technique

The first stage of this process is cleaning and degrease the glass tile.

The second step requires an activator and then it is time for silver.

Silvering the glass requires a lot of attention and precision.

Only a skilled master is almost able to forecast how the silver behaves. It takes a village to manage these steps.

From clear mirror to heavy antiqued one


Different stages

We are able to perform different kinds of antique silvered finish with an anti-corrosion copper plating.

According to client's wishes, Federico sets up the right concentration of silver which defines the different shades of antique finish.

We start from a light-antique finish till obtain a heavy-antique one.

The heavy-antique finish reminds to the elegant and precious mirrors of the past.

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