Combining leaf with paint

The art of Varnishing and Leaf Application

Meet our artisan Giovanni and dive into his work

It is time to slow down, chill and appreciate the art of true artistic manufacturing.

Discover the artistry of an antique trade, the beauty of Venetian Glass Making Tradition and our unique country.

Italy and its people.

The master and his art

Sole Mirror

Focus on: Leaf Application

The Sole Mirror, a statement piece in Art Déco, is from the Champs Élysées Family Line consisting of long mirrored tiles that recall the long Parisian Avenue.

It features the motto of The Most Noble Order of the Garter, which is hand-engraved around the rim.

Each sun beam is hand bevelled and lead-bound, with silver antique- leafed edges, resulting in a perfectly smooth and glowing finish.

Who does it?


Varnisher and more

With his 47 years of age, Giovanni is one of Arte Veneziana's varnishers.

Born in the province of Venice, he started working in this world in his teens and became part of the company 12 years ago. Giovanni spends his free time cycling and outdoors.

Wood Finishings


Giovanni and the Finishes of Wood

Giovanni takes care of the finishing of the product, that means the last step of wood manufacturing, which has the function of preserving the product's wood and protecting it from both time and climatic adversities, as well as making it more aesthetically attractive.



Importance of experience

The difficulty of finishing is that the smallest mistake can destroy an entire job: if the paint is applied incorrectly, for example, the paint coat could disintegrate, causing serious problems.

According to Giovanni, therefore, experience is key to having a certain kind of manual dexterity and precision in this sector.

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