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Meet our master engraver Lucio and dive into his work

This is the time to slow and chill and appreciate the art of a truly artistic manufactory.

Discover the beauty of an antique work the beauty of Venetian glass tradition and our unique country.

Italy and its people.

The master and his art


Focus on: engraving techniques

Shirin sideboard belongs to the Sharazad family line.

This fairy line tells a story of magic and astonishment, inspired by the main character of one of the world's most famous novel: The Arabian Nights.

Every piece of furniture of the Sharazad family is richly decorated and minutely etched. The result is a precious and unique jewel.

Who does it?


Our master engraver

Lucio is 56 years old and he is a real Murano island native.

He is passionate about travel. He visited a lot of Countries around the world since he was young but he is a real islander: he loves boating and go fishing in the Venetian Lagoon.

In the next future he would love to spend time between Dakar, his wife's city and Murano, his isle.

Things he really loves? The progressive music of the '70 like Genesis and King Crimson. He had the pleasure to assist to the famous Pink Floyd concert of 1989 in the Lagoon of Venice.

The etching technique


Lucio & his artistic work

Lucio has been working in the Venetian glass etching field since ages.

He is from Murano in fact, the beautiful tiny little isle famous for the glass working and shaping technique.

We can say he is literally born into art as Lucio’s father was one of the men who create glass in the glass factory.

Lucio creates whatever ones can imagine. From the traditional Venetian motives to beautiful animals or abstract shapes.

What are the benefits?


We help you choosing the best option

On your right you can see the most famous Venetian etching: the Cavaliere figure.

Our master engravers can create lots of different human figures with this very antique technique.

The real beauty of this particular work is to create astonishing 3D portraits different one from another.

Every master has his particular touch and that's the real value. Each work is unique and one in a million.

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