Artistic woodworking

Meet our carpenter Marco and dive into his work

It is time to slow down, chill and appreciate the art of true artistic manufacturing.

Discover the artistry of an antique trade, the beauty of Venetian Glass Making Tradition and our unique country.

Italy and its people.

The master and his art


Focus on: carpentry techniques

The Florea family line takes its name and inspiration from nature itself. The volutes and curvy lines of every item of this family recalls the magnificence of the Baroque age

This line is marked by a typical spherical etching enriched with lots of curly mirrored tiles.

Who does it?


Our senior woodworker

Marco is 43 years old and he has been working in Arte Veneziana for almost 20 years. So he is considered a real senior in the woodworking field.

Marco creates many of the structures of Arte Veneziana's various products.

He is married to green-eyed Martina (who also works in Arte Veneziana). He is passionate about Edgar Allan Poe mistery books and he is a rock drummer.

Things he really loves? Pizza and his super dog named Blu.

Raw to shaped wood


Marco & the machine

Raw wood is originally shaped with the computer numerical control machine to be as precise as possible.

Then Marco and the other carpenters at Arte Veneziana smooth the corners and finish the job completely by hand.

That's why lot of our furniture is so particular and carved and the cnc machine alone is not enough.

Artisanal craftsmanship is essential. This way everything is precise and perfect.

What are the benefits?


We help you choosing the best option

The woodworkers' area is always supervised by our skilled team of Architects who hold the big picture of the entire production process and the client's design.

This greatly diminishes mistakes and everything is well executed.

Furthermore Arte Veneziana has a huge selection of types of wood to satisfy all the client's needs and tastes.

We want everyone to be happy.

Are you a designer? Is something swirling around in your mind? We can help you realising your concepts by creating the perfect tailor-made solution you are dreaming of